Friday, August 02, 2013

3rd Annual Ward Family Reunion - Day 2

On Sunday, we got up, ate tasty omelets for breakfast, 
and I took the annual family photos (which I will post very soon).
Then it was off to church for sacrament meeting.  
We attended a family ward where Elder David A. Bednar was presiding.  
David A. Bednar and his wife, Susan both spoke.  
He spoke about how with the large increase of missionaries, 
the MTC doesn't have missionaries stay as long as they use to.
He pointed out that our homes are the MTC for our future missionaries
and that we need to do the best job we can in our homes to train our children.

Grandma Ward handed out gift bags to each of the grandkids.
They loved playing with their gifts.
Eleanor, Maddy, Aunt Becky, Wesley, Uncle Kevin
I did some crafts with the kids.  The first shift was the girls.  We made cereal art.
I wrote their name with glue and they put covered the glue with cereal.
Afterwards, I painted the girls' fingernails.
I let the girls choose what color of nail polish they wanted.
Then it was the boys' turn.  They finished this project in about 5 minutes. 
I made them pose for a picture before rewarding them with a piece of candy to completing their project.
Wesley, Kimball, Brian, Owen, Simon, Tyler
 Tyler, Owen, Simon
The boys also watched some of the movie,"Goonies" with Uncle Kyle and Uncle Rafa.
Katie, Zoe, Uncle Rafa
Aunt Laura, Eleanor
Tyler, Eleanor

Aaron and Sarah served some yummy lasagna for dinner.
Then it was time for two rounds of Giant Jenga and some s'mores.
Round 1
Tyler's turn
Wesley's turn
Simon's turn
Brian's turn
Staci's turn
Round 2 

Giant Jenga game #grandpawardtheengineer 

Giant Jenga game @beckyward78  #gobecky
Giant Jenga game is over @ward0876 #toobadsosad

Kimball showed off his chess playing skills to Laura's boyfriend, Josh.

The 8 year old won fair and square. #nojoke

Uncle Sam was brave and sat in the hot tub for awhile with all the kids.
 Grandpa Ward came out and poured cold water over the kids heads just for fun.
Sunday night games @lmward5 @beckyward78@ward0876 #3rdannualwardfamilyreunion

This family reunion planning is hard work. 
Fun times so far and more fun to come over the next two days.

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