Ladies and Gentlemen...
this is our family.
Sam, Tyler, Brian, Lisa, Katie

SAM is the man of the house.  
He takes pride in his roles as a husband, a father, and an electronic engineer technician.
Sam enjoys reading thriller books, playing with his kids, and watching action/adventure movies.
We think it's fun that his nieces and nephews call him Uncle Sam.

LISA is the woman of the house.
She takes pride in her roles as wife, mother, and master photographer.
Lisa enjoys photography, baking goodies, and keeping in touch with friends and family.

  BRIAN is our oldest child.
He takes pride in his schoolwork, his role as big brother, and loves routine.
Brian enjoys playing games on the iPhone, riding his bike, and informing us of the time and weather several times throughout the day.

TYLER is our middle child.
He takes pride in loving football, loving the color orange, and having "handsome hair." 
Tyler enjoys playing with friends, attending preschool, and showing off his amazing flips on the trampoline.

KATIE is our sweet little girl.
She takes pride in playing mommy to her baby dolls, dancing to music, and throwing unwanted food on the floor.
Katie enjoys snuggling with her favorite blanket and sucking her thumb.

JULIA is our baby.
She takes pride in discovering something new every day.
Julia enjoys being mobile, eating what the rest of us eat, and making everyone smile.

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