Saturday, July 11, 2015

July 4th

We spent Independence Day at Sam's parents' place in Orem.  
Five of the six Ward kids were there with their families.
We were missing Staci and Kyle, who were home waiting for their first baby to arrive.
Anyway, we had a big family BBQ, played backyard games, etc.
Grandma and Grandpa Ward gave their grandkids each a new outfit.  

Katie, Kristen, Julia, Gideon 
Tyler had fun playing this corn hole game with his cousins, Owen and Wes.

 Sarah, Sam, Julia
Brian was waiting and wishing that we would stay late 
do fireworks with the family.
Lucky for him, his wish came true.  
It was the highlight of the day for the boys.
Katie was scared of the fireworks and thought they were "scary and too loud."
We all climbed into bed around midnight after a day well spent.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Silly Applesauce

Applesauce.  It's sloppy.  It's sticky.  It's tasty... especially when you add cinnamon to it!  
But don't get carried away with too much cinnamon or you may just end up with a problem like this.
 Tyler saved the cinnamon!

Good Morning, Elsa

Whenever Katie wears her Elsa dress, she insists on being called Elsa.
On this particular morning, the first thing that she did was put on her Elsa dress. 

Julia LOVES Corn

Our all time favorite vegetable in this house is corn.
The corn we get at the grocery store is pretty good this year.
But nothing beats my Grandpa Jerry's award winning sweet corn.

3rd Annual Don & Shirley Hallstrom Family Reunion

On Saturday,  June 27, 2015, we hosted the 3rd Annual Don & Shirley Hallstrom Family Reunion.  We had a total of 16 of us gather at our home for lunch and some catching up.  We had a baked potato bar and strawberry ice cream cake out in our backyard.  My brother, Mark brought his new puppy, Blue to meet everyone.  That puppy was the center of attention.  Grandma Hallstrom had fun showing Jeff & Ali Hallstrom her family history albums.  Ali took some photos of the family history photos with her phone.  Jeff & Ali drove up from Mission Viejo, CA with their three boys, Evan, Tyler, and Spencer.  Their boys loved playing in our backyard.  Chris Hallstrom, my brother, Mark, and Nathan Kristjanson stayed the longest.  As we were all sitting around visiting, Katie randomly hands us each a sheet of construction paper.  I ended up showing everyone how to make paper boats.  (My Aunt Janette Kristjanson taught me how to make paper boats when she came to visit us when I was 7 years old.)  Then, Nathan taught us how to make these fun little paper airplanes.  I liked having a low key reunion this year.  It still took a lot of planning, cleaning, and food prep, but it's always worth gathering the family together.
Ty, Brian, Evan, Blue (the dog) held by Mark, Tyler, Chris, Ali, Spencer, Jeff, Grandma Shirley, Calvin, Nathan, Katie, Lisa, Julia, Sam
 Brian, Ty, Blue (the dog) held by Mark, Tyler, Chris, Ali, Spencer, Jeff, Grandma Shirley, Calvin, Nathan, Katie, Julia, Lisa, Sam 
 Grandma Shirley with her adult grandkids: Mark, Chris, Nathan, Lisa, Jeff
There was a little water fight going on... ha!
 Nathan, Tyler, and Chris hanging out

Thursday, June 25, 2015

We All Scream for... Homemade Popsicles

When I was grocery shopping a few weeks ago, 
I ran across these popsicle molds and just had to get them.
I totally remember my mom making some juice and
pouring the juice in to the popsicle molds.
I love passing on memories like this to my kids.
(Plus, it didn't hurt that while they were eating their popsicles 
that I could get some decent pictures of my kids).