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Nature Shots - Heber City, Utah

Running Group

I don't know if I posted any of my iPhone pictures of the boys' running group days back in May.  
Here are the few pics I did find from my other camera.  The boys LOVED going to running group after dinner during those 6 weeks.  They even participated in their first real track meet.  Sam and I were both on track teams when we were in high school.  We're thrilled that our boys are into running too.  (For some reason, I don't have Brian in any of these shots.)
 Long jump

Fun With Great Grandma

The kids wanted to snuggle with Great Grandma on the trampoline and show her their scrapbooks.  
I didn't think Grandma would be up to the task.  When I looked out in the backyard a few minutes later, this this happened.  What a good sport, Grandma!  She doesn't let her age stop her.  

Welcome to Katie's Kitchen

Katie loves to play in her kitchen.  
Sometimes she cooks for me and sometimes she sets up a picnic. 
She is quite the happy hostess.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Flashback to Spring

 These photos were taken last spring one morning.  
Brian was at school.  
I wish he were in these photos too.

Happy Girl

 I've been going through the photos on my computer and found these gems.  I think Julia is 8 or 9 months old here.

Back to School Pictures 2014

Brian - 4th Grade

Tyler - 1st Grade