Thursday, June 25, 2015

We All Scream for... Homemade Popsicles

When I was grocery shopping a few weeks ago, 
I ran across these popsicle molds and just had to get them.
I totally remember my mom making some juice and
pouring the juice in to the popsicle molds.
I love passing on memories like this to my kids.
(Plus, it didn't hurt that while they were eating their popsicles 
that I could get some decent pictures of my kids).

Katie Turns 5!

Katie had her first friend party three days before her 5th birthday!  
She had about a dozen friends come to her Princess Party.
We had so much fun planning her party.
The party turned out just perfect.
I really think Katie loved seeing so many friends, getting super spoiled with presents, 
and being a real princess for the day.  
Sam and I surprised Katie with her own Elsa dress and Elsa braid to wear to her party.
She LOVES to dress up as Elsa all the time now and insists on growing
 her hair out long so she can have her own "Elsa braid."
One of her good friends, Katelynn Smith, has the exact same Elsa dress.  
My sister, Laura, and my sister-in-law, Alice, helped to frost the cupcakes for Katie's 
Elsa dress cake.  We had lots of decorations too.  
And I even wore my high school prom dress just for fun.
Now for the pictures in no particular order:
Katie helped get this table all ready for her friends.  
Each girl got their own princess plate with nail polish, a rainbow streamer bracelet, a candy bracelet, and a princess crown.  
 Julia and Katie are ready to party!
 Katie and Daisy (Katie's best friend from preschool)
 Avory ZaeJoDaeus as Princess Jasmine
 Chloe (Lia Ciccotti's girl) as Princess Sophia The First
 Ellie (Lia Ciccotti's girl)
 Ellie (Lia Ciccotti's girl) as Belle
 Ellie and her princess bling.
 We played a princess matching game and then "don't let the balloon touch the ground" game.
 Lucy Giles as Princess Anna
 Katie insisted that we get these Color Wonder markers and 
a special Princess Sophia Color Wonder book to share with her friends.  
It was a big hit.  The girls all spent at least 20 minutes coloring.
Mariah Crossley, Eden Jewkes, Katelynn Smith, Avory ZaeJoDaeus, Penny Wheelright, Lucy Giles, Chloe, Ellie
We made Fruit Loop necklaces and they each chose their own princess plate of goodies.
Lucy, Chloe, Ellie, Katie
Eden, Katelynn, Mariah, Avory, Penny, Lucy, Chloe, Ellie
 Jasmine (Katie's buddy from Tyler's soccer games), Eden, Katelynn, Ashley Crossley (against the wall), Mariah, Avory

After all the cake, presents, and games, we went out front and the girls each got their own bubbles to blow.  They also played with what I had put in their loot bags too.
Katie loved her party!

Monday, May 04, 2015

Logan Temple Girl Date

I planned a little fun morning for our friends, the Smith girls... Jenny (the mom), Katelynn (5), and Caroline (18 months).  The Smith family has two boys the same ages as our boys and two girls the same ages as our girls.  Anyway, we met up at our local Jamba Juice to get a free 12 oz. smoothie.  Then we drove a couple blocks over to the Logan LDS Temple to see the flowers.  The girls were so excited that they raced each other up the stairs.  
Big Sisters.  Little Sisters.  All Friends.
It was a perfect sunny morning to see the flowers.
They were just gorgeous!
Katie and Katelynn
Cute Caroline
Julia and her Jamba Juice

Lightning Wolves

Tyler has LOOOOVED his first experience on a real outdoor soccer team.  
Tyler with his game face on

Our friend and neighbor, Reuben Talbot was a great soccer coach for Tyler's team... 
the Lightning Wolves.  
They practiced on Tuesday evenings from 6-7pm the elementary school
and had soccer games on Saturday afternoons at the 
gorgeous Gibbons Park (up on a nearby mountain bench).  
The first goal that Tyler scored was the winning goal!  That was on Wednesday, April 22.  
Three days later, Tyler scored 4 of the 8 goals at his game!  Aunt Laura, Uncle Brant, Mika (their puppy), Alan and Wendy McBride (Tyler's Primary teachers) came to support Tyler that day.  
We think Tyler has found his sport.  He has great footwork, 
is a good sport, and enjoys himself out on the soccer field.  
He practices almost daily in the backyard with his best friend, Jack.  
And he asks Sam and I to play with him in the backyard after dinner.
Video clips  of some of his soccer games coming soon!