Friday, August 02, 2013

3rd Annual Ward Family Reunion - Day 1

Sam and I were in charge of the 3rd Annual Ward Family Reunion.
We decided to spend the weekend in Heber City, Utah.
We rented out a rental home and we all stayed there together for 3 nights.
Our first activity was taking a scenic train ride on the Heber Creeper Train.
Aaron and Sarah were in charge of making the t-shirts and did a fantastic job.
We all wore our t-shirts on the train. It was fun to ride on the old train and see
the kids so excited to buy a treat from the concession stand and enjoy each other's company.  
Left this train station for a scenic train ride

 Brian, Lisa, Train Conductor, Katie, Sam, Tyler
 Katie, Sam
 Grandpa Ward (Fred), Uncle Kyle, Aunt Staci, Simon, Tyler, Katie
 Aunt Becky, Uncle Kevin, Maddy
 Owen, Kimball
View of Deer Creek from the train

When the train ride was over, we went to check in to our rental home.
Sam and I served dinner 
(poppy seed chicken, corn, applesauce, lemonade, and chocolate zucchini cake).
We spent the rest of the evening settling in.
After the kids were in bed, the adults all played mafia.  Good times.

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