Thursday, August 01, 2013

Baby #4 Update

Here I am right before going to the doctor.
And here's my newest obsession... MY secret stash of chocolate.  
I have to hide it deep in my closet to make sure nobody else finds it.  
I really like the pomegranate flavor too.
I bought me a pack of these for my hospital bag.
My sweet treat of the week was introduced to me by @merakoh at her CONFIDENCE Workshop. #chocolatesupplyformycloset #iliketoeatmychocolateinpeace #noshameinnotsharing
Man, do I look tired in this picture!  
On days when I feel like I can hardly stay awake, 
we resort to lazy ways to bond and entertain ourselves.
I am getting tired of kid shows. It's worth sitting through the shows for the big hugs though.
I bought that dark dresser from my friend that was moving away.  
It fits perfect in that corner.  I've washed, folded, and put away baby girl clothes.
I think the only thing I have left to do is buy a new crib mattress and we should be all set.
Miss Katie graduated from crib to make room for her sister #baby#4

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