Friday, August 02, 2013

3rd Annual Ward Family Reunion - Day 3

Uncle Kyle and Uncle Kevin went golfing early in the morning.  
The rest of us stayed behind and enjoyed the famous Ward Family Egg Casserole for breakfast. 
We spent a couple hours down at the catch and release fishing pond just down the road.
Cute cousins (Eleanor and Maddy) with @beckyward78
Katie pushed her stroller off the dock 

Kimball caught 2 crayfish using leftover sausage from breakfast.
He boiled them up for lunch and ate them :/ 
Waiting for our turn on the boat
Deer Creek State Park
We rented a 10 seater boat and took turns riding it.  Uncle Kyle drove the boat.
Many of us had the boat pull us on the 2 person tube.
I wish I could've been on the boat when Sam took turns taking the boys on the tube.
I heard that Brian wanted to go the fastest out of anyone!

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