Thursday, September 06, 2012

How we spent our Labor Day Weekend

1.  Sam taught his boy how to stain a fence.  His boy did an awesome job and is learning how to work super hard.  Working hard is much easier when you know your reward is a big bowl of Neapolitan ice cream.

2. Woke up early to attend the Brigham City Temple Open House.  We were all up, out the door, and on the road by 6:45am.  Knowing that we'd be in an early morning rush, I made blueberry muffins the night before.  We snacked on those on the 30 minute drive to the temple.  We picked up Grandma Hallstrom on the way.  Sam and I told the kids that they had to be reverent while inside the temple.  I was shocked at how awesome they did.  My wiggliest, runaway as much as possible kid, Tyler, walked nicely with his arms folded most of the time.  Hallelujah!  What a great way to start the day.

3.  Had the newlyweds come visit.  My boys sure love their new Uncle Brant!  Brant taught Tyler how to dribble a basketball and how to throw a football like a pro.  But their favorite thing was having Laura and Brant watch their new favorite show, Phineas and Ferb, with them.

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jason and michelle clarke said...

That's great Brian is learning to work hard. I wish my two older boys would get excited for a big bowl of ice cream after hard work. Now its money they want :). I haven't been up to much, trying to decide what to do with my life now that all my kiddo's are in school. Although I don't have much time to myself this yr. but next yr when 1st grade comes for Cole I'll have more time. It's crazy how fast time goes by. I do have some quiet time though, and its so nice!!! And yes the world does need to watch out when Austin gets behind the wheel, you are right about that ;)