Friday, September 07, 2012

Words of Wisdom

"I believe dreams, aspirations, and abilities are placed within us for reasons. God wants us to experience the greatest amount of joy we can during our stay here. He wants us to magnify these things, let them grow and swell inside us, help us reach our greatest potential. Sometimes we feel we can't move forward with something unless God accepts it, condones it, says it's okay. But I think much of the time, if what we want is right and good, He wants it too."  -Cath

"I used to hide behind the belief that God wanted me to do this. 
Maybe he does but I also feel like he wants me to do this because he knows how bad I want to do it. He doesn't want me to hide behind him. 
I think God wants us to be honest about what we want.
Not that we'll always get what we want but being honest is the only way to progression and I think it's all about the progression and growth of our souls..."  -Kristen

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