Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Giant Jenga

Giant Jenga was SO much fun to play at the Ward Family Reunion.  
We let the youngest person in the family go first and continued on up to the oldest person in the family.  Once the Jenga tower got too high for the kids, the adults took over.  This game was a big hit.  
I insisted that Kevin and Becky bring this game for next summer's reunion. 
 Tyler and Katie watching Brian take his turn

                        On one of my turns, I had difficulty finding a loose Jenga piece to remove.  
I ended up finding a loose piece, but some of the spectators 
were doubtful that the tower would still be standing after my turn was up.  
As I slowly and carefully wiggled that piece around, the tower swayed.  
But in the end, I was successful!  
I was shocked at my success, shot my arms up in the air and let out a big, "Wahoo!"  
Everyone got a good laugh out at my enthusiasm.
I'm glad I caught some video footage of Giant Jenga.  
And in case you were wondering, Staci and her husband, Kyle each lost a round.
Practice up for next year, you two!

1080p from Lisa Ward on Vimeo.

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