Sunday, September 02, 2012

* Words of Wisdom *

River near some mud pots at Yellowstone National Park

"Acknowledging my shortcomings allows God to fill in the gaps" - Jasmine Star's Dad

"When we all start getting together and start living with unconditional love, 

we will all start living with peace." - Jiten Soni

"While I have learned a lot about finding joy in parenthood, I also know that stress-free parenting is a myth. Parents will always have stress: we not only have to deal with tantrums and scraped knees and refusing to eat anything you cook, 

but we worry about potential accidents, whether we are ruining our kids, whether our children will find happiness as adults and be able to provide for themselves and find love.

That said, I’ve learned that we can find peace. Peace isn’t a place with no stress, but a place where you take the stress as it comes, in stride, and don’t let it rule you. You let it flow through you, and then smile, and breathe, and give your child a hug." -Leo Babauta

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