Thursday, August 09, 2012

Embrace The Camera - 8-9-12

Me and my favorite girl, Katie just hanging out.  Look how long her hair is now!  
This girl of mine is into some funny things these days.  
#1 - Katie's favorite toy is her shopping cart.  Every day, she fills her cart with her other favorite things that she considers hers.  There's a couple of drawers in the kitchen that she/we consider hers.  They are full of plastic cups, bowls, and water bottles that the kids use.  Once her cart is full, Katie pushes that cart all around the house.  
#2 - Katie MUST wear footy pajamas zipped up backwards whenever she goes to bed due to her fascination of being diaperless.  Her #1 favorite thing to wear is NOTHING!  She prefers to be naked... her way of coping with the summer heat.
#3 - Katie has this super loud and "fun" high pitched pterodactyl scream that lets anyone know when she's not happy/getting her way.  I feel especially bad for the people that sit in the pew in front or in back of us each Sunday at church.  It's rather embarrassing.  
#4 - Katie is a daddy's girl.  When she hears the garage door open just before dinner time, she drops whatever she's been doing and goes running towards Sam, saying, "Daddy, Daddy!"  It's adorable.

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Jess Judkins said...

You and Katie are GORGEOUS!!! My son Judah has a few cabinets and drawers that he claims as his own in the kitchen :-) he also has that very loud ear piercing scream when he doesn't get his way. I swear sometimes it feels like its going to pierce my ears