Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Dear Trampoline - Thanks for being so flexible.  
You get jumped upon, have water shoot through you, 
and provide nice shade when we hang out under you.
Thank you for the hours of entertainment you provide.
You've seriously saved my summer.
Here are my boys "relaxing" before dinner:

Dear Clearance Racks - I am attracted to you... all of you.  
Kohl's, Ross, and Old Navy are my favorites.
I love getting great deals.
I feel the need to keep this closet fully stocked with clothes.  Here's proof:
This is the closet in the toy room.  98% of the clothes in there are for Katie (sizes 3-6).

Dear Outdoor Library Book Return Bin- It is YOU that makes my kids want to go to the library.  They get the biggest thrill out of standing on their tippy toes with their books in hand to drop into you.  Today they got the added bonus of watching one of the library ladies come out with a special collection cart to exchange with the full collection cart.  Brian asked a very smart question, "How often do you come and switch the cart?"  She responded, "Every hour."  Brian thought that was pretty neat.

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