Sunday, May 27, 2012

Special Trail

My kids and I like going on adventures around the neighborhood.  
Our current favorite adventure is going on the "special trail," or dirt road at the edge of our neighborhood.  
We travel (the boys on their scooters, and me on foot pushing Katie in her stroller) 
to the southeast corner to see the horses.  
Then the boys take their scooters to the top of a dirt pile, 
down across the overgrown grassy area, to the "two lane" dirt road. 
Always, we turn right and make it all the way down to the gate to check out the big field
(which, if we're lucky is grazing time for the big black cows).
We turn around and continue onward to the other end of the dirt road (where it meets the sidewalk).  Brian and Tyler are really good about following the rules and stopping at our designated spots to wait for me and Katie to catch up with them.  
I don't know what it is, but just walking on that dirt road and seeing cows and horses just gives me that 
"I live in the country" feel that I love.
Sure I still enjoy living in a suburbia, but I enjoy the fact that our neighborhood borders farmland.  
It's pretty here.

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