Sunday, May 27, 2012

Katie's 2nd Birthday

Katie's 2 year stats:
26 lbs.    34 1/2in.

Katie had a super fun birthday.  This lucky girl had her Grandma Hallstrom and Aunt Amy over on her big day.  Amy spoiled Katie with an adorable birthday outfit.  Her shirt says, "Will trade BROTHER for a CUPCAKE!"  Grandma Hallstrom gave her a deluxe edition of kid songs on CD.
I foresee karaoke and dancing parties at our house this summer!
Brian and Tyler's gift to Katie was a homemade strawberry ice cream cake.
Katie went on a date with her daddy.  He bought her a fun birthday balloon.
Katie received some cute cards.  Her other gifts were summer clothes,
a giggling baby doll,
and her very own shopping cart!
My kids love playing store in Katie's room.  

Dear Katie- 
We're so glad you are a part of our family. 
You bring such joy to our lives.  
Daddy loves your hair in piggy tails.
Brian loves to feed you food.
Tyler loves to make you laugh.
And Mommy loves it when you give her hugs and kisses.
You are so adorable and just the sweetest thing.
We love you, Katie Girl!

Here's a fun slideshow of the iPhone photos I have of Katie.  Enjoy!   

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