Saturday, June 02, 2012

Sam's Birthday

Sam was totally spoiled on his birthday this year!
After dropping Brian off for his last day of 1st grade, Tyler, Katie, and I got to work.
We whipped up a cake and some cupcakes.
While it was baking, we got ready for the day.  Then it was back to work.
We blew up some balloons and tied them to strips of birthday crete paper.
I traced Tyler's hand and made a cute card.
We started a load of laundry and then it was already time to pick up Brian from school.
It was fun to surprise Sam on his lunch break at work.
Tyler presented him with the cupcakes safely toted in his new Cars lunch pail.
The kids loved playing ping pong and air hockey with Sam after they finish eating their lunch.
Then we broke in to Sam's car and decorated the inside with the balloons, card, and crete paper.  
The boys loved helping with this surprise.
It was Brian's idea to string the crete paper from the rearview mirror to the backseat light.  Smart boy!

It's fun to let Sam pick what he'd like me to make for his birthday dinner.  
Sam requested that I make Poppy Seed Chicken.
His request was granted and I served the main dish with some toasted garlic Texas Toast and corn.

Bring on the PRESENTS!

Sam got a new iMac computer for his birthday!  He also got a new printer, scanner, copier.  
Oh yeah, and he got a two new shirts, some popcorn, and The Planet of the Apes movie.  
Sam is such a hard worker.  He deserved to be spoiled rotten this year!

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becky ward said...

spoiled is right! that is awesome. happy birthday sam!