Saturday, March 10, 2012

Joy School - February

 Our February class was so much fun.  Look at this cute class of mine:
I skillfully squirted Elmer's glue into an umbrella shape on each paper and the kids created their own cereal art.
Next, I grabbed a bag full of fun dress up items.  We talked about how each of us is unique and that when they get older, they will probably all have different jobs.

The Bird Watcher

 The Hunter

 The Fireman

The Toy Maker

The Construction Workers
 The Musician

The kids LOVED the Phildelphia Chickens CD.  (Thanks, Mom.).
They each had a musical instrument to play and they marched around like they were in a marching band.

Tyler's classmates cheered him on in Jenga.  
Some of the kids hadn't played Jenga before that day.  
I think with some more practice, my class can be experts at this game.

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