Friday, March 09, 2012

Brian's 7th Birthday - Celebrated in New York & Utah

 We celebrated Brian's birthday for an entire week!  Lucky Boy!  
Do you see him just basking in all the attention?
This boy LOVES birthdays, especially when it's HIS birthday.

The week long celebration started on the 19th in New York.
 I made him brownies to share with his birthday twin, my dad. 
 These two were both born on Feb. 24.
My dad just turned the big 6-0!  Woah!

The fun continued.  Our family flew back home.  On Brian's actual birthday, Brian was totally spoiled even before school started.  He woke up to a french toast breakfast adorned with a candle.  We sang happy birthday to him.  (It's a huge deal because I very rarely wake up early and make my family breakfast.)  He got to open a present before school... a new green shirt with a #7 on it.

While Brian was at school, Tyler emptied his piggy bank.  I helped him count all of the quarters he earned/saved... $14.25!  I asked Tyler if he wanted to buy his brother a birthday present.  He said, "Yeah, I know just what to get him.  Let's go to the store."  So, off to the store we went.  Tyler bought himself a big blue ball.  He also bought a big green ball for Brian to kick around the backyard. 

 Brian's favorite gift is this remote controlled red truck that we gave him.  
He makes sure that the battery is plugged into the wall when he's not playing with it.  
And he likes "driving" it around the block.

Brian's birthday celebration continued as we went to Pizza Pie Cafe for dinner. Oh, we started a new birthday tradition for our family.  Each person in our family wrote down a special wish for Brian and put it inside a balloon.  We drove up the canyon (which overlooked the valley) and released the balloons into the air.  We came home, poked and lit a candle on his cake, and sang "Happy Birthday" to Brian.   
The next morning, two of his best buds, Dennis and Caleb, came over for Brian's birthday party. 
 The lucky boy who had a #7 inside of his balloon got to have the first mug of hot chocolate.  
Dennis was the winner.
I whipped up a double batch of edible peanut butter play doh and let the boys play with it.  
They got really creative and created their own peanut butter ponds where the red Swedish Fish dwell. 
The peanut butter play doh was their party favor to take home.

 Here are some facts about Brian at age 7:
- still loves RED
- loves helping out in the kitchen (especially making treats)
- busts a move on our dance (kitchen) floor
- is an awesome big brother to Tyler and Katie
- loves telling us daily/weekly weather reports several times a day
- insists on rolling all the windows down in the van when I pick him up from school (if it's a nice day)
- his favorite gift from Christmas is a RED $5 alarm clock
 - is a super smart first grader who completes his homework
- does a great job following the rules


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Jenny said...

Great post about the birthday boy! I can't believe he's seven!