Monday, November 28, 2011

Katie - 18 months

Katie's 18 month stats:
21 lbs. 12 oz. 
33 1/2 in. long

At this age, Katie's mood/personality is shifting.  She is happy and giggly one moment and suddenly, she snaps and is throws herself on to the floor and is in full-blown temper tantrum mode.  Her brothers like to pester her and push her buttons.
I think the terrible two stage is starting early with this chica.

Some of Katie's favorite things right now are:
- peanut butter toast
- eating Cheerios at church
- being a monkey on Mommy's hip and dancing (to the playlist on this blog)
- dragging her favorite light colored checkered baby fleece blanket around the house
-hugging her plush baby doll
- sitting on a brother's lap and going down the backyard slide

On Katie's least favorite things list:
- having her brothers throw blankets over her head just to hear her scream
-  getting stuffed into her winter coat
- not get food on her tray fast enough
- and the #1 thing to tick her off is 
having me leave the room while she's sitting in her booster seat

 Look how cute she is when she's in a good mood.  Here's Katie showing off her sign language version of "more."  To the always hungry Katie, this "more" sign sure comes in handy for her.
In our church this is the golden age where we get to take our baby to the nursery during our classes. 
For her first official day in nursery, I dressed Katie up in one of her most adorable dresses. 
She's been SO annoyingly fussy lately and it was impossible for me to catch her at a happy time for some photos. 
So, here's a picture for posterity of our fussy, but oh so cute, Katie

Coming soon:  I'll post a photo of Katie's first art project!   Stay tuned.


Eric Smith said...

So how did Katie like nursery? I didn't see you both out in the hall for our usual sacrament meeting chat session it seems we have each week. That must mean Katie was behaving herself, but Katelynn certainly was NOT!

Eric Smith said...

Sorry it's me, I am longing on to Eric!

Steph said...

Wow I can't believe she is 18 months! Where has the time gone. She is so sweet! I remember when you were going in to have her. Did she like nursery? We're still working at getting luke to go without crying.

Lisa said...

Steph- Katie seems to do fine in nursery. The teacher said she practically falls asleep in there! There's about 15 kids in her class. Jenny- Katie did okay in sacrament meeting this week. Her brothers always bug her, so we went and sad in the back for a bit and that helped.