Monday, October 03, 2011

Origami Teacher

 We had a relaxing weekend watching General Conference at home with our kids.

During the last session, I taught Brian some origami.  He loved it!  It was fun for me to see Brian get into something that I enjoyed doing as a kid.  Brian can make a paper boat, a balloon, a box, a house, morning glories, and a fancy paper airplane.  Way to go!

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Julie said...

I am finally catching back up in the blogging world! I have loved going back and reading yours! And GREAT job on your photography! It looks so AWESOME! I need to jump in some classes and get learning! :)

** I meant to tell ya that I'm sorry I didn't stop and chat when I passed you while running! I was motivated that night to do my longest run yet, so I had to push through! Next time for sure though! :)