Sunday, October 02, 2011

Family Visitors from Georgia!

Aunt Janette and Uncle Eric came over for dinner a few weeks ago.  They were in Utah to visit Grandma Hallstrom and Uncle Calvin.  Nathan, my cousin, drove up from Provo.  We had pulled pork and gravy sandwiches, pasta salad, grapes, zucchinni bread, and corn on the cob.  It was fun to catch up with them and visit.  The guys were so kind to offer to do the dishes and clean up the kitchen so Katie and I could go on a walk with Aunt Janette.   After the kids went to bed, Nathan entertained us by telling us about his experience playing Joseph Smith in Boise's Institute production of "My Servant Joseph."  He showed us a slideshow and sang us a couple of songs that he sang in the production.  Nathan surprised all of us with a CD of all the songs sung by the cast he was in this summer.  Wow!
Uncle Eric's birthday was the day after he came to our house.  We sang to him around 10pm and each had a big piece of the homemade chocolate applesauce cake that I made. They drove up to Rexburg the following morning for their first grandson's baby blessing.  My cousin, Ryan and his wife, Jessica have a baby boy named Braxton.
These pictures are ones that I "borrowed" from my Aunt Janette's blog.

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