Tuesday, October 04, 2011

"New" Hutch

I've been poking my nose around the local Antique Mall.  
When I found this previously owned piece (at 25% off,) 
I knew it was just perfect for that little space between the front door and the stairs.  

It didn't take me long to fill it up the cupboards with my photography stuff,

the drawers with some great books and some fall issues of magazines,

and the shelves with fall scented candles, cinnamon pine cones, and other seasonal decor. 

I love making my house a home! Am I weird to get excited over furniture?! 

There's a couple items at the Antique Mall that I'm keeping my eyes on.  I'm thinking of purchasing these items early for Christmas.  Does anyone out there start their Christmas shopping before Halloween?


Mrs N said...

That is a really cute hutch! Great find.

I totally start my Christmas shopping before Halloween! I bought most of my oldest daughter's presents this summer. I bought a stocking stuffer today from the clearance aisle at Walmart. :D I only have stocking stuff and one or two presents for my son left to buy.

Eric and Jenny said...

Lisa I love it! I need to see it in person I can just picture it sitting there all cute like by your front door. Perfect spot for it.

And no I never start Christmas shoppping in October I would love to be that kind of person but I am not. Though Eric did buy a toy for Lance the other day for Christmas so does that count?

becky ward said...

that's a great hutch! nice pick.

Giles Fam said...

HOW CUTE!!!! (By the way, I totally just got off the phone with you :) I love your new hutch. I totally want one, and yours is so cute! You are NOT crazy for getting excited about it. :)And I love how you've decorated it.

And YES I shop for Christmas before halloween. I find it makes the holidays more enjoyable and less stressful. By the time they arrive, I can actually enjoy them...plus it just prolongs the season...I love it! :) I already have quite a lot for my girls. So fun! Thanks for sharing!

The Child Family said...

that is really cute!!!! Good find

Laura Ward said...

That looks great Lisa! I'm sure it adds a lot to that front room of yours.

Jenny said...

Glad you went and got it! Love it and cute decorations!

Unknown said...
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Stephanie Clark said...

I love your hutch! It is so cute.
I also start my Christmas shopping before Halloween. The goal is to make life a little easier and less stressful during the holidays.