Sunday, October 02, 2016

Cute Kid Moments

The Scene:  Watching General Conference

Me:  President Uchtdorf is 70-something years old.  He looks pretty good for his age, don't you think? 

Tyler (age 8):  Yeah.  He doesn't have very many wrinkles on his skin.

Me:  What do you think he does to make his skin less "wrinkly?"

Tyler:  He stretches a lot!  Everybody knows that stretching is the secret, Mom."


The Scene:  Our Bedroom Door Gets Opened Up at 6:00am

Me (eyes still shut and in a tired voice):  Who's there?

Julia (3 years old in the cutest little voice):  It's me.  Juuuulia!

Julia walks over excitedly to my side of the bed.  I lift her up into bed with me.

Julia:  I want to snug(gle) with you!

Me (snuggling her close):  You are my.....

Julia: GIRL!

Julia (gives me the most perfect hug and kiss):  And I make YOU HAPPY!

Me:  Oh yes you do, Julia!


The Scene:  At the Dinner Table

Me:  What did you learn in General Conference today?

Julia:  They were wearing purple!  (The Mormon Tabernacle Choir members were wearing purple).

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