Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Little Stars Preschool - September 2016

Today, I hosted Julia's preschool class at our home.  We learned all about the letter A, the number 1, the color red, and about circles.  We started class by reading a couple of stories.  Then we sang the "Days of the Week" song, talked about the weather, and about calendars.  Then, we went downstairs to watch a church video about Adam and Eve and to play, "Follow the Leader."  Following that, we built castles out of Mega Blocks, making sure that some of the blocks we used were red.  After snack time, we colored in the circles, the As, and #1s that we found on butcher paper that I spread out on our kitchen table.  We ended our class today outside, where we jumped on the trampoline and had ramp races (rolling a ball down the ramp).  The kids were very well behaved and we all had a great time.

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