Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Happy 6th Birthday, Katie!

Years ago, I dreamed of having a daughter.  I could just visualize what she looked like as a young girl... dark brown hair, brown eyes... a mini me!  And wouldn't you know, that dream came true when Katie Jane Ward was born!  It's super fun to have a little mini me.  
Katie is so fun to have in our family.
She's always had a great head of hair.
She is very independent and likes to do things her own way.  
This girly girl loves to plan parties and picnics in our backyard.  
She is a little artist and has a wonderful imagination.
Katie's birthday is at a great time of year... 
the end of the school year and the beginning of summer break.  
She ran in her first Wildcat Run three days before her birthday.  
She had fun running the half mile with her daddy and the rest of the kindergartners.
That same day, Katie's class celebrated her birthday.  Her teacher and classmates made a special birthday crown for her to wear in class.  Some of her classmates had some very nice things to say about her:
- Katie is fun!  ~Allyah
- Katie is good at school. ~ Maritza
- Katie is happy. ~ Eduardo 
- Katie is nice. ~ Shayla
- I like to play with her. ~ MaKenna
- Katie is smart. ~ Moo
- Katie is a good friend. ~ Trindon
- Katie is kind. ~ Carson

This year Katie had a character party in our backyard.  We told all of her friends to come dressed as their favorite princess, superhero, or whatever.  Katie couldn't decide what she wanted to dress up as, so she chose two characters: Spiderman and Donatello the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.  She was so happy at her party.  All of the other girls dressed up as princesses and Sawyer Griffiths dressed up as a ninja.  The kids made bracelets, played a Spiderman web bean bag toss game, and then the kids  decorated their own cupcakes.  The kids went outside and we opened presents.  One of Katie's friends, Penny Wheelright, gave her the game Pie Face.  It was super funny to watch the kids play that game.  I'm glad it stopped raining so the kids could go and play outside.  

It's been a fun year watching Katie come out of her shell more.  
She's super excited for the summer.  
She will be taking ballet, participating in summer playground group, going to family reunions, etc.

Katie, we love you so much!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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