Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Letter to Uncle Ryan (Elder Hallstrom)

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hi Elder Hallstrom!

I want to see a picture of you in your awesome Russian coat!  How was the Russian Orthodox Christmas?  Did you do anything special to celebrate?  How is Sergei's apartment cleaning coming along?  I've helped clean super yucky trailers before which have needed tons of elbow grease to get anything clean.  How are you and Elder Larson getting along?  Where is he from?  

Did you get my Christmas letter and family picture yet?  I hope so.

This year, our ward meets from 9am-noon.  I now teach the Sunbeams with a Japanese lady named Asami Flake.  She has 4 kids like me and lives two streets over from us.  Anyway, we have had 7 Sunbeams in class so far.  They are very active kids but I think we do a good job keeping them busy and learning.  I kind of miss doing singing time every week, but it's nice not to have to plan out what we're doing every week in learning the Primary songs.  I think it's nice that all the kids in my class already know me from coming into Nursery and doing singing time with them last year.  

Brian has been a part of his school's Lego Robotics League.  They had a regional competition yesterday at Utah State University here in Logan.  Sam went with Brian and they were gone most of the day.  His team did well, but they were not one of the top teams.  They will not be moving on to the championship this year.  Brian enjoyed being a part of that group though.

Tyler is 8 years old now.  He was baptized on our Stake's Baptism Day on Jan. 2nd.  The water heater wasn't working that day, but Sam still baptized Tyler in the freezing cold water.  We had a pizza party afterwards at our house for the family members that came that day.  Two of Tyler's friends from church came to his baptism as well.  Tyler wants me to tell you that he got a crossbow for his birthday!  He likes to practice target shooting in the backyard.  Tyler is excited to be in Cub Scouts.  

Katie sure enjoys morning kindergarten.  Sam drops of the kids at school on their way to work.  Katie is good about getting her homework done before the boys come home from school.  She is learning how to read and lost her first tooth right before Christmas.  Katie is still in love with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  She practices drawing Ninja Turtles on the back of her school papers.  She is quite the artist.  

Julia is in her second year of nursery at church.  She has no fear of her new classroom and new teachers.  She is super smart and knows how to get what she wants most of the time.  Julia got an Anna costume (from the movie, "Frozen") for Christmas.  She wants to wear her costume everyday.  Julia loves to watch YouTube videos of kids playing with Disney Princess toys.  

Sam has been working long hours for several months.  But since the start of the new year, he's home from work about 5:15pm, which is nice.  The boys are prepping for the Pinewood Derby at the end of the month.  Sam is good to help them create their derby cars.  He'll be taking the boys to his work to use their tools to cut the shape of their cars.  We're excited to see what they come up with.

Anyway, I just wanted to write you an email with a little update.  We pray for you often.  We are blessed to have you as an example to our kids in serving as a faithful missionary.      Keep up the good work.  

Love, Lisa

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