Monday, January 04, 2016

Tyler's 8th Birthday

  We have an 8 year old in the house!
Tyler celebrated early with a friend on Dec. 4th.
Tyler invited Brian, his friend, Dennis, and me to go with him to see the movie, Pan.
We had fun stringing balloons in the party van.
Dennis came over before the movie to have donuts with us.
Pan was playing at the cheap theater.  We got big drinks and popcorn to share.
Dennis gave Tyler an orange Zeon bow.  
Jack wasn't feeling well the night of the movie, but came over the next day with a gift for Tyler, a  remote controlled Thunder Rumble stunt car.

On Tyler's actual birthday, we woke up early before Daddy went to work and had breakfast together.
I heated up these yummy cinnamon rolls in the oven and made orange juice.  Tyler insisted on helping me decorate the kitchen the night before his birthday.  We put a large strip of snowman wrapping paper on the table to act as a table cloth.  I taught Tyler how to make a tissue paper pom pom.  We strung it from the kitchen chandelier.  Tyler also helped make and frost his "donut cake."  He thought it was so cool that Daddy found the perfect shade of orange frosting and star sprinkles.  After our homemade mac & cheese dinner, Tyler spent his birthday money to go to The Jump Zone with Sam and Brian.
Tyler was a lucky boy and was able to open his birthday gifts before Daddy went to work.
He got some new books to read, Ninja Turtle pajama pants, a magnetic dart set for his room, and  his favorite gift... this crossbow!  The crossbow came with a target.  Daddy attached a small screw to our backyard fence.  Now Tyler can easily put up and take down his target when he is outside practicing.  I'd say he has a really good shot for a kid his age.
Tyler is a nice brother and even let Julia get a good look at the crossbow.
All about Tyler:
Favorite Color: turquois
Favorite Food: pizza
Favorite Movie: Star Wars
Favorite Sport: Running & Soccer
Favorite Books: Star Wars books
Favorite Friends: Jack Griffiths, Sawyer Griffiths, Dennis Livingston, Beck Susman
Favorite Memories from 2015: being in New York, winning the Wildcat Run and setting the 1st grade school record, playing his first season of outdoor soccer
Tyler likes to play outside, ride his scooter, practice shooting his crossbow. 

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