Monday, January 04, 2016

Christmas Break 2015

The kids had a super long Christmas break and Sam had several days off of work too.
It was nice to lay low and hang out as a family.  We did so many things during the break.  Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of everything, but here is a few in no particular order:
Grandma Ward gave Katie a TMNT Leonardo sandwich cutter.
Katie said, "Thank you!!  I LOVE IT!!" to Grandma Ward.
When the boys were out at The Jump Zone, I let my girls pick out their own outfits and we had a Girl Date.  Katie chose to wear many layers: a new sweater, a windbreaker, a nice coat, a beaded necklace,  a navy blue purse, an Anna & Elsa lunch pail, and a Halloween bow.  Julia chose to wear her monkey footie pajamas, her sneakers, her cheetah print coat, a beaded necklace, her Anna & Elsa lunch pail, and a Halloween bow.  They put their own granola bars in their lunch pail for a snack.  
Anyway, I took my girls to Main St. where we walked past the store windows looking at the gingerbread houses.  Katie has been really into gingerbread men because they'd been talking about it at school for weeks.  It was a super cold night.  It was sure a pretty sight walking down the lit up tree lined street.  I forgot to turn off the van headlights.  When we returned, the van wouldn't start.  (That was the third time in December that I forgot to turn off the headlights.)  I had to have Sam and the boys come and jump start the van for us.  We drove around town looking at Christmas lights.  
Sam had a lot of downtime, which was so nice.  
The girls loved having Daddy read Princess books to them.
Julia is really into watching YouTube videos on my cellphone.  
Her favorite is a music video she calls, "Princess Shake It Off."
She also likes to watch videos of girls playing with Disney Princess toys.
One of Julia's favorite Christmas gifts was a Cinderella doll with 2 clip on dresses.  
It is a small toy that is easy lost around here.  Sometimes, Julia wakes up in the middle of the night crying for "Cinderella!"  Sam and I just laugh and say how we think Julia must be dreaming about princesses. 
I caught Tyler watching a show and eating Cheetos with his Mikey mask on.  Haha!
My brother, Mark came for Christmas with his dog, Blue.  
He surprised my boys with some Christmas gifts... a couple of video games... Paper Mario and something else.  They all loved playing video games.  Sam made us egg casserole for Christmas breakfast and a lovely turkey dinner too.  Sam took everyone sledding on Old Main Hill (except for me and Julia who were resting at home).  
We had a very nice white Christmas!  The kids were thrilled with all of their Christmas gifts.  Some of the main gifts this year were: Sam - panini sandwich press, Lisa - hand lettering class, Mark - snow tube, Brian - telescope, Mom's old stereo, Tyler - Beyblades, joke book, TMNT games, Katie - banner paper roll, puzzles, art supplies, Julia - Princess Mega Blocks, TMNT blankets (made by me for both of the girls).
Other things that we did on Christmas break: read, played games, celebrated Tyler's birthday, Tyler's baptism, went to Orem to see Sam's family (we met Staci & Kyle's baby, Cohen), talked with family on the phone.  Although Christmas break was quite relaxing, I am so ready to start the new year off right.

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