Thursday, September 17, 2015

Belle Dress

It was one of those lazy Saturdays where I didn't want it to end without feeling productive.
So I asked my brand new kindergartner if she wanted to go on a date with me.
Katie was elated and gleefully buckled herself into her booster seat.
With the sunroof open, and kid tunes blasting, we zoomed up to the middle of town.  
We fueled up with Chugz's chicken strips and fries and then
entered one of my favorite stores, TJMaxx, for some back to school shopping.
Still wanting to be my "baby girl," Katie insisted on sitting in the cart.
I pushed that cart back to the little girl section.  
My eyes caught sight of something I didn't want Katie to see, so I sped up my push.  
Or so I thought.  
"MOOOOM!  Look!  Let's go look at those costumes!"  
"Ooooh!  I want this dress.  It's a Belle dress."
I, not planning on buying this newfound must-have dress, 
hesitantly let Katie get a closer look at the coveted dress.
Hearing her gush over every last detail of the dress, the jewels, the sparkles, the glitter, 
I knew what I had to do.  I let her try on this "most beautiful Belle dress."
My baby girl lucked out with the largest dressing for a princess.
Katie had me help her zip up the dress and perfectly place the glittery veiled headpiece.
The anticipation had built up for what probably seemed like an eternity for a 5 year old.
It was time for the FIRST LOOK.  
"Wow!  Turn around and look at yourself in the mirror!" I exclaimed.
Both Katie's eyes and smile grew bigger than ever.
She twirled and said, "Ohlala!  I feel like a princess."
With a smirky smile that never left her face, 
Katie stared at herself in the mirror and examined every last detail of the dress.
Completely satisfied, Katie giggled and said, "I want this Belle dress for Halloween."
And I, who originally was not a fan of the color, the lavishness,
nor the price of the dress, completely had a change of heart.   
Katie had me at the FIRST LOOK. 
I completely melted into a puddle when I saw the way she looked at herself in the mirror.
Every girl deserves to feel like a princess.

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Here Dwells Happiness said...

I don't blame you one bit - so adorable.