Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday to Julia!

Happy 2nd Birthday to Julia!!!
She is so sweet and we just love having her in our family. 
On her birthday, we let her pick out her own helium balloon at Macey's.
We also had Papa Murphy's Pizza for dinner.  
We had cake and ice cream with our new friends in the ward, Tricia and Jason Stuart, came with their two kids, Zach (7), and Kelsie (5).
Julia received some great gifts: matching outfits for her to wear with Katie, some crayons, stickers, a tricycle, etc. 

A little bit about this little miss:
- Refers to herself in first person
- Plays well by herself and with others
- Likes to snug with Mom and our favorite blue "gankie" (blanket)
- Sits in a booster seat at the table
- Hates to wear bows or ponytails in her hair.  That is why we gave her some bangs.
- A skilled trampoline jumper
- Loves to give hugs, kisses, and good-bye waves to 
Sam and the kids when they leave on weekday mornings
- Has a big vocabulary for her age

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