Monday, May 04, 2015

Lightning Wolves

Tyler has LOOOOVED his first experience on a real outdoor soccer team.  
Tyler with his game face on

Our friend and neighbor, Reuben Talbot was a great soccer coach for Tyler's team... 
the Lightning Wolves.  
They practiced on Tuesday evenings from 6-7pm the elementary school
and had soccer games on Saturday afternoons at the 
gorgeous Gibbons Park (up on a nearby mountain bench).  
The first goal that Tyler scored was the winning goal!  That was on Wednesday, April 22.  
Three days later, Tyler scored 4 of the 8 goals at his game!  Aunt Laura, Uncle Brant, Mika (their puppy), Alan and Wendy McBride (Tyler's Primary teachers) came to support Tyler that day.  
We think Tyler has found his sport.  He has great footwork, 
is a good sport, and enjoys himself out on the soccer field.  
He practices almost daily in the backyard with his best friend, Jack.  
And he asks Sam and I to play with him in the backyard after dinner.
Video clips  of some of his soccer games coming soon!

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