Sunday, March 01, 2015

Katie at 4 years old

Hey, Mom!  What do you got there in your hand?  Oh, it's a camera I see.  You want some super awesome pictures of me, don't you?!
 Well, let me tease you for with this great smile.
And then I just got to get my wiggles out because I can only stand still and smile for just a second.
 Girls just wanna have fun!
Jumping with her shoes on the wrong feet... whatever!
I found a snack... SNOW!!!
All about Katie at age 4:
-  She loves to sing.
-  She loves to wear her super fancy "dancing dress" not only at home, but to church and school too!
-  Loves to take bubbly baths with Julia.
-  She likes to have lazy mornings at home with Mom and Julia.
-  She likes to play with play doh while watching me make dinner.
-  She wants to grow her hair out so she can have an "Elsa braid."  
-  She loves to play the role of mommy to her four baby dolls.  
-  She still loves TinkerBell and enjoys playing with her TinkerBell toy in the TinkerBell house that I made her.
-  She'd rather stay at home with me all day than go to preschool.  I usually have to get on the bus with her and give her a hug, a high 5, and a kiss.  
-  She's all registered for morning Kindergarten and is excited to ride in the back of the car with the boys to school when the time comes.
-  She still sucks her right thumb and snuggles up with her torn and tattered banana blanket.

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