Sunday, March 01, 2015

Julia at 18 months

Julia is 18 months old.  She is officially a nursery kid at church.  
Daddy is especially happy that he gets to attend classes at church kid free.
Julia is a mover and a shaker.  She lets her presence be known.  
 She has a serious case of the "gimmie, gimmies."
 Julia loves to eat what everyone else is eating and for the most part, she has no trouble in doing just that.
 Some of the words Julia can say:  doggie (she loves her two stuffed dog toys), momma, daddy, Mmm (milk), go, apple, baby, bubbles, ball, owchie, help me (in a deep voice)
 Julia understands what we're saying and can follow simple directions. 
If we ask her if she wants to go outside, she runs to the back door and grabs her shoes. 
 Julia is a happy girl.  She loves to go and do what her big sister and brothers do.
Jumping on the trampoline... no problem.
Going in her swing and down the slide... she's got that down.
Taking a bath with Katie... yes please.
We just love our baby girl and enjoy her laid back nature.

She currently weighs 20 lbs

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