Thursday, March 20, 2014

Katie's New Look

So let me tell you how  Katie went from this look:

to this look:

to this look (all in the matter of 3 hours):
I was busy making dinner and taking care of the baby.  I knew the other 3 kids were all watching TV up in our room.  Suddenly, Brian comes running down the stairs saying, "Um, Mom?!  Katie CUT her hair!"   Alarmed, I went bursting up the stairs to see the damage:

"OH NO!"

Katie had flipped over the laundry basket, pushed it over to the bookshelf, and stood on top of that basket to reach the scissors!  I knew something like this was bound to happen at some point, especially since Katie watched me give the boys their haircuts last week.  She acted like it was no big deal.

As soon as Sam got home from work, I took Katie to get her hair fixed.  She held my hand as we waited for her turn.  Katie wanted me to hold her hand as she got her haircut too.  The lady who fixed her hair said, "Wow, for a 3 year old lefty using right handed scissors, she did a dang good job."  I thought she'd need an A-line bob with bangs to even things out, but in the end, she only ended up with bangs and 2 inches cut off from the ends.

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