Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dear Uncle Ryan

Friday, March 7, 2014

Dear Uncle Ryan,
     Thank you for the nice long letter.  We were very surprised to get a real handwritten letter.  
Your penmanship is excellent.
     We are all doing well.  We've had a fun winter, but we are ready for spring.
  This is Brian.  I am in 3rd grade.  My teacher's name is Mrs. Munk and she is very nice.  My teacher is having a baby boy soon.  I am very excited for summer.  My brother and I are going to do swimming lessons, playground group, and running group.  I am doing extra chores at home to earn a water bottle and a holder for it for my brand new bike that I got for my birthday.  My birthday part was super fun.  We had a balloon pit in our front room and had pizza for dinner with my friends.
     This is Tyler.  Kindergarten is really good.  I can read easy books.  My teacher's name is Mrs. Moore and she is really nice.  I am not playing soccer this season.  But guess what?!  I can do a side flip on the trampoline and land on my feet!  We got a Wii Fit and I really like to exercise with it.  I like to snuggle with my mom before bed.  Oh, and I got a new Bey Blade for doing extra chores.  I like to play with Jack after school.
     This is Katie,  I haven't played with my baby doll, Julia for awhile.  I like playing with my baby sister, Julia.  I like to help make Julia laugh.  I like to sing songs like The Alphabet Song, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and I Love To See The Temple."  Preschool is good.  My teachers are happy that I am finally talking at school. I know how to talk quite well but I get shy at school.  At home like to hang out with mom.  We made banana bread the other day.  I like to sitr up the ingredients.  Oh,  I also like to play games especially matching games.
     This is Julia.  I am 6 months old now.  I am a really good baby and get plenty of attention.  I really want to meet you.  You seem like you're a really fun uncle.  I don't have any teeth yet and I can't crawl, but I can roll over.  Guess I need to learn some new tricks.
     This is Lisa.  My kids have been wanting me to write back to you for awhile.  Man, I sure wish you lived closer so you could hang out more.  I am buying a book about Lightroom so I can teach myself this photo editing program.  I've had Lightroom for two years but haven't taken the time to learn it.  I will be signing up for a photography class soon too.  My kids and Sam sure keep me busy But I try to make time to do some fun things just for me.
     Sam is working hard, as always.  He likes to read books on his Kindle paper white in the evenings.  The boys love it when Sam takes them on bike rides.  We're excited for the Ward Family Reunion this June in Heber City, Utah.
     How are your trumpet lessons going?  Do you have any fun summer plans?  Will you be attending EFY?  When and where is scout camp this year?  Say "Hi" to Grandma Jean for us.  We miss you, Ryan!

Lisa, Sam, Brian, Tyler, Katie, & Julia

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