Friday, March 14, 2014

Brian's 9th Birthday

Brian is 9 years old!!!  He was such a cute baby and look at him now:

The night before Brian's birthday, while he was sleeping, I wrote a birthday note from the the family on the bathroom mirror.  The note said:  Brian, Happy 9th Birthday!  We all love you so much and are so glad you're in our family.  Love, Mom, Dad, Tyler, Katie, and Julia
Brian is: smart, handsome, an awesome big brother, a great friend, a wonderful son, a conscientious student, funny, persistent, a good swimmer, a Jamba Juice lover, an artist, always tries his best, great at math, an excellent reader, LOVED.

Brian had a fun birthday party two nights before his birthday.  He had three friends over to party.  The main event was the balloon pit!!!  We also fed the kids a pizza dinner and opened presents.
Lance, Dennis, Tyler, Brian, Tyson, Katie
 On Brian's real birthday, we had blueberry muffins for breakfast.  He insisted on opening one gift before school.  Brian was thrilled with his new backpack.  It's black, grey, and bright green, and has several pockets.

For dinner, we took the family to Pizza Pie Cafe.  The kids sure love that place.

Brian's biggest birthday gift:  a brand new bike!!!  See how small his old bike was for him?!
His new bike fits him much better.

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