Sunday, December 01, 2013

Snippets of Our 2013 Thanksgiving via Instagram Photos

We are so grateful for wonderful full lives that we live.  Sam and I have been truly blessed being raised by amazing families.  We now have our own family of six to raise up in faith and righteousness.  We are so thankful for our home, Sam's job, and our 4 healthy children.  I could go on forever on what I'm thankful for, but the photo below will give you more of an idea of the specifics.

Our Uncompleted Thankful Tree! We are thankful for so much more than what this tree shows. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend!  #webelieveinblueleaves #usewhatyouhave

We had a very nice Thanksgiving this year.  We left our house about 10am and drove 2 hours to Orem.  We spent our time at Sam's parents' home.  Dinner was at 2:30pm and we had 15 people total eat together: our family of six, Sam's parents, Rosanne, Rafa, their two girls, Zoey and Sadie, Rafa's dad, Laura, and Laura's boyfriend, Josh.  The food was excellent!  The kids were in heaven playing with all the toys downstairs.  After the kids went to bed, the adults played a round of Apples to Apples and watched a little Harry Potter on TV.  The next morning, we just spent some quality time hanging out.  I took Julia on a morning walk around the neighborhood.  The weather was perfect this weekend!  Good food, good company.  Life is good!  

And now for some snippets from our time in Orem:

Sam and his dad are ready for turkey.

Julia's cousin, Zoey, wanted to feed her.  Zoey fed Julia for about 2 minutes and then she said she was all done.  As I took Julia from her, Zoey stood up, swiped the back of her hand across her forehead, and said "Whew!  Hard work!"  How adorable is that!

Grandma Ward is having some quality time with Julia & Tyler.

Playing the made up "Lego Train Game" with my boys.  We each strung some Lego train cars together, made a huge long trail of Legos around the room, and raced to see who's train could hold the most cargo.  Tyler won!  #somanytoysatgrandparentshouse

My boys insisted on having a string of Christmas lights on their bed at Grandma and Grandpa's place like they do at home!  #lovemyfestiveboys

Old Classic Game #boardgamemarathon

A sweet dollhouse with all the accessories you'd ever want.  #grandparentshouseistoyheaven

Dream dollhouse #playskoolrocks

Sunset on the road home

I love this quote!  It is a perfect thought to share with the Relief Society sisters since I'm serving as the Compassionate Service leader.

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