Sunday, December 01, 2013

Fall Family Fun

When Julia and I were on our walk in Orem, we discovered this amazingly huge pile of leaves just tucked in where the fences met in the way back of the church's property.  This leaf pile was just begging to be jumped in!  On our way home, we made a little detour to this epic leaf pile!  And we had ourselves a little par-tay!
It's raining leaves!
Can you believe this leaf pile was just waiting for us?!  Epic, right?!
Best Big Brothers begged their baby sister to join them.  She obliged.
Our 4 biggest blessings sharing a moment in the same frame  = THE BEST FALL PHOTO evan!  And BONUS:  Nobody was fighting!  Love my kiddos!  Muah!
Flying baby #lovetheshadows
Soaking in the most perfect late fall weather.  #whatisupwiththefunkyshadowonmyteeth?

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