Thursday, November 14, 2013

Update on Katie's Broken Leg

Katie still has her pink cast on her leg.  She loves getting spoiled and is actually pretty happy and acts like her broken leg is like no big deal.  We carry her from room to room around the house.  Last week she had a two week check up on her leg and it is healing nicely.  They even trimmed her cast down to just below her knee.  It was a pretty traumatic experience for Katie.  Glad that's over.

Pink grapefruit for her breakfast in Mommy & Daddy's bed.
Breakfast in Mommy & Daddy's bed while wearing 3 shades of pink from head to toe...every 3 year old girl's dream come true!  She totally spilled grapefruit juice all over herself right after I took this picture.
This is how Katie has been getting on and off the bus for preschool.  I'm glad she still fits in that umbrella stroller… just barely!  They lift Katie up on to the bus like the picture shows, take her out of her stroller, carry her to her seat, and strap her into the built in carseat.  Talk about service!  I owe the bus driver, Neil and the bus monitor, Valerie a gift or two.  Same with Katie's preschool teacher, Kaydee Machmon.  She deserves a treat too!  Miss Kaydee puts Katie in a wheeled rifton chair to get her around the classroom.
And when the weather holds up and we have a few minutes, we've been taking Katie on walks in our neighborhood.  Katie should be able to get her cast off on December 4th and then she'll have to wear a black walking boot around her leg for about 4 weeks.  I hope Katie's recovery goes smoothly.  So far, so good!

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