Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Halloween 2013

The boys were especially excited for Halloween this year.  They worked very hard selling cookies & lemonade, doing extra chores around the house, etc. to earn money for their dream costumes… Power Rangers.  We couldn't find the proper color and size costumes that each boy wanted.  It dawned on me that my friend and neighbor, Nancy Lorrigan is really good at sewing, and I called to see if she'd be able to make their costumes.  And as you can see, Nancy did an amazing job and my boys were in heaven!  I'm so proud of my boys and their dedication of working so hard for something they wanted.

Grandma Hallstrom came with me to the school's Halloween parade.  It was fun to see the boys parade around the school in their costumes.  Later on, I took all 4 kids trick or treating at Sam's work.  That evening, Sam took the boys trick or treating around our neighborhood.  I stayed home with the girls and  had a candy picnic in the front room with Katie as we handed out candy to the kids.  

And here is Julia's costume I made.  I found the idea on Pinterest and thought it was not only cute but a smart costume too for a mom of 4 kids.  Why not build the costume around the Baby Bjorn carrier?!  
 That is real popcorn that I hot glued to the white beanie hat.  
I love my little POPCORN baby!

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