Sunday, October 27, 2013

What is this pain?

I woke Sam up around 6am on Saturday (Oct. 26) in so much pain!  My lower right side felt like it was getting squeezed to death!  I was bawling and wondered what was going on with my body.  My first thought was that I overworked myself the day before and that my body was letting me know.  I took a strong ibuprofen, had a nice long shower, and felt so much better.  We continued on with our day and attended our friend's sealing at the Logan Temple.  I was so happy that my friends adopted their sweet boy and was glad that I could be there for their special day.  On our drive back from the temple, about 2:30pm, that same awful pain came back!  I had Sam pull over and I thought I was going to puke.  I didn't.  I totally thought this pain was a bad appendix and had Sam take me to the ER.  
Finally after I got an IV, some pain meds, and a CT scan, it was confirmed that I have a kidney stone.  The stone is 4mm wide and has passed 90%.  But the doctor says that the last little bit is the most painful.  So, I'm laying low until this is all over.  

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