Friday, October 25, 2013

Not The Perfect Halloween Accessory for Katie

On Wednesday night (Oct. 23), Katie fell while getting off the trampoline and landed in a strange way. Sam ran out and picked her up and brought her inside.  Katie was quite inconsolable most of that night.  We iced and elevated her lower left leg.  It was a LOOONG night.  The next morning, Katie still would not put any weight on her foot.  I called and made her a doctor's appointment.  My Visiting Teacher, Heather Stephenson, came over and helped me load my girls into the van, fed Tyler his lunch at home, and dropped Tyler off at school.  Thank you, Heather!  I met Sam at the doctor's office and we waited for awhile to meet with Dr. Garg (Dr. Visick was out on a Humanitarian Service trip).
Waiting for our turn to see the doctor

Dr. Garg moved Katie's upper leg to make sure other areas were not adversely affected by her fall.  Daddy reported back to me (who waited in the patient room with Julia) that Katie was a trooper during her X-rays.  I'd like to think it had something to do with the "amazing getup" she chose to wear that morning... her Tinker Bell nightgown, gray sweatpants with bedazzled butterflies, her jean jacket with embroidered flowers, and her pink flowery stretchy headband.  Oh, and I'm sure that her favorite blanket and baby dolls helped out too.  
Miserable girl. Off to get an X-ray on her left ankle :(

Katie broke her fibula and tibula.  Those two bones almost had complete breaks in them!  Fortunately, Katie's growth plates were not damaged.  They sent us off to the orthopedic doctor down the hall who reported that Katie did "quite the number to herself."  Sam assisted the man who put on Katie's cast by holding her leg and foot at the proper angle at the appropriate time.  I stood up by Katie's head and held her hands.  Katie was not happy at this point and kept whimpering and repeating, "I like pink.  I. LIKE. PINK!"  The man was nice to put on a layer of sparkly rainbow glitter on top of the cast.  
Not the kind of accessory she was wanting for her Halloween costume :(. #lowerlegbrokeintwoplaces #pinkcastwithrainbowglitter

Sam, the girls, and I were gone for over 3 hours getting Katie's leg looked at and "fixed."  My friend and neighbor, Beckie Griffiths, picked up my boys at school and dropped them off at home for me.  It was a long day but I made dinner easy... we cooked a frozen pizza and had some baby carrots and some Sprite.  Poor Sam didn't get to sleep the entire night on our bed.  About midnight, Katie was upset and started fussing for Mommy.  So I took care of her the rest of last night.  Another LONG night.  I hope Katie will be able to find comfortable sleeping positions that don't wake her up.  Katie mainly needed me to help her change sleeping positions.  And I don't have all of my strength back yet from my C-section almost 2 months ago, so I can't even lift Katie out of bed.  It's quite pitiful.  I had Sam come home today on his lunch break.  I fed Tyler his lunch and dropped him off at school.  Sam pushed Katie in the stroller and took her around the block.  Sam also changed Katie's diaper and carried her back up to bed.  So yeah, Katie will be practically living on our bed for the next 4-6 weeks.  She will get better, it's just SO SAD to see her in this condition.  I'm still coming up with fun ideas to do with this bed-bound girl of ours.  

To end on a happy note though, Julia just started to give us real smiles this week!  Each of Julia's smiles make me giddy!    

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