Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Grandma Hallstrom Meets Julia

Julia waited up to meet her Grandma Hallstrom.

Julia meets her Grandma Hallstrom (my mom).  #happyday

Domino Time.  We were playing Mexican Train dominoes 
and the pretzels were substituting for the lost trains.

Dumbo was the movie of the week.  The kids LOVE this movie now.

We played ice cream shop after the kids completed their chores.
Aunt Amy sent this amazing swaddle blanket with my mom to give to Julia.

Mom and I were able to sneak away to get ice cream and go grocery shopping without kids.
We had a nice family dinner with Grandma Hallstrom, Uncle Calvin, my mom, Laura, and Mark on Saturday.  We stayed up late and watched movies some nights.  Thanks for coming to visit, Mom!  We really appreciate all the help you gave us... making dinners, watching the kids, doing laundry, etc.  We love you!

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