Sunday, June 23, 2013

1st Annual Shirley Hallstrom Family Reunion

Yesterday, Grandma and I hosted the 1st Annual Shirley Hallstrom Family Reunion in Logan, Utah. 
Family came from the Salt Lake area as well as from Lake Tahoe and southern California.
Grandma had no idea the out of state visitors were coming.  She was so excited to see everyone!
I reserved my ward building and we enjoyed a great lunch together. 

Grandma is really into family history and brought so much family history to display.  

The old family photos of the grandkids growing up were a big hit.  
 All of those spiral bound notebooks in the middle of this table 
were written and illustrated by Grandma.
 I started up a family reunion scrapbook.  We had everyone sign their name in the front cover 
and we'll fill the book with reunion pictures from this year and the years to come.
 A few years ago, I surprised Grandma with that big black picture collage frame.  
There are pictures of her posterity in the frames.  She hangs this proudly in her home.  
We even played cassette tapes filled with piano music played by my uncle, Eric Kristjanson.
After our delicious lunch, we went to the Relief Society room for Grandma's special presentation.  
She told us bits of her history and the stories behind some of her poems.  
Grandma's friend, Joyce Jacobs played the piano and we sang to the music written to her poetry.
We also took turns getting up front and telling a little bit about ourselves.  
Some shared their talents with everyone.  
Laura sang a song for us and Scott showed off his unicycle skills in the parking lot.   
Following that, most everyone came to our home for dessert and more catching up.
Tyler showed off his awesome flips on the trampoline.
I feel so blessed to be a part of this family.
Looks like we had 23 people in attendance.
I bet we'll be able to gather even more family next year.  
Grandma has a HUGE posterity! 

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