Monday, June 24, 2013

Baby #4 Update

Just 10 more weeks or so until we meet this baby girl.  #feelinglarge
I've been going on long walks for exercise.
This girl becomes the most active when I'm trying to sleep after a long day.
So, I end up staying up way too late most nights and pay for it the next day.
Luckily the kids are pretty good and just entertaining themselves in the morning.
Sam gets the boys breakfast before he goes to work.
Katie sleeps in most mornings like me and eats breakfast when I do.
To keep my mind off of how big I'm getting and how there's only a small handful of clothes
in my closet that will fit, I try to keep my fingers and toes painted nice and wear chunky jewelry.
I'm eating whatever I want when I want.  I don't feel like I'm going overboard with the food.
Anyway, my kids like to put their hands on my belly and try to feel the baby kick.
It's fun to watch their faces light up as they feel the baby kicks.
We can wait to meet our newest family member!

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