Sunday, June 09, 2013

Bear Lake Day

We started a couple summer reading programs this past week.  We told the kids if they read 20 minutes everyday last week, that we'd take them to Bear Lake on Saturday.  They were really excited and met their reading goals.  So yesterday was our family fun day.
Just prepping for the beach by getting a pink mani & pedi #pinklover
Traffic delay for 30 minutes right before our last turn to North Beach.
We listened to the radio and enjoyed the nice breeze as we waited.
We surprised the kids with some water toys and spent the afternoon playing at the beach!
Katie loved the water (a first for her).  The water was really shallow for a long ways out... just perfect for our kids to splash in and play catch.  We even found several tiny sea shells.  Sam helped the kids make a sandcastle.  In the middle of their castle, they were trying to dig a hole all the way to China.
That hole kept collapsing and the castle never reached its completion.  Oh well, there's always next time.  I'm sure my little engineers will figure out the perfect plan.
Katie helped build the sandcastle.

Perfect end to a family fun day #bestraspberryshakesintheland #bearlake
"Patiently" waiting for food #bearlake #dinner #my3boys

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