Saturday, June 01, 2013

Baby #4 Update


24 weeks and I can STILL see my toes!

A little TV watching before bed #mykidsallliketosnuggleonthecouchbeforebed

I'm actually 26 weeks along now. And I'm feeling great for the most part as long as I eat frequently. I'm kind of dreading June because my allergies flared up the most last June and the Extra Strength Sudafed and Zyrtec that I'm taking doesn't relieve my symptoms all that much. Anyway, now that all of my kids are out of school, I get worn out quickly. I try my best to keep the kids entertained. Thank goodness for our awesomely set up backyard and for so many fun neighbor kids. Saturday is the only day I can sleep in. I am lucky that Sam lets me sleep in as long as I need to every Saturday.   I've been so tired that I could seriously sleep 12 plus hours straight if I didn't have to eat.  Just 14 weeks until we meet our baby girl (or 12 weeks if I'm lucky)!
This comic sure tells it like it is around here!

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