Friday, November 16, 2012

Tyler's Handsome Hair Tutorial

Go into the kid bathroom and stand your step stool.
It's totally fine if your little sister stands on the stool with you.

Next, turn on the COLD water, get the tips of your fingers wet, and use those wet fingers to smash down your bangs. 
Carefully maneuver those bangs to the right side of your forehead.  
Please take note that I had to step off the stool and back up a bit to more fully concentrate.

 Now stand up on the stool again and check yourself out.  
Make sure that those bangs are looking as fabulous as possible.  
And on super special occasions, like say you're going to preschool, have your mom lightly 
squirt some hairspray on those perfect bangs.  You too can have "Handsome Hair" just like me.  

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