Thursday, November 15, 2012

CKMs - Take 4

Tyler was playing basketball on the Wii.  
And when he'd win the game, he'd come find me and tell me that the Wii told him "Graduations!"  

Tyler and I went on a date to Pet Smart. 
I found this great pet store scavenger hunt online and thought that Tyler would enjoy this activity the most.  
As you can tell from the stickers on the page, we couldn't find everything on the list, but we still had fun.

I do my big solo grocery shopping trips every Monday night.  
But sometimes during the middle of the week, I have to go and just buy a couple more ingredients.  
This was the latter type of trip.  Katie was the only kid with me on this trip.  
I purposely dodged the produce section as long as I could because I knew when Katie saw IT, she'd get really excited.  
"Nana!  Nana!"  We had to go home with a bunch of bananas.  
Katie couldn't wait until we got home, so we stopped by a nearby park and each ate a banana while sitting on a bench watching the water flow down the stream.

Katie carefully poured her own bowl of cereal and ate it.  
Miss Independent.

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