Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More of Scott & Angela's Wedding Pictures

Here's Scott and Angela's wedding announcement:

The rest of these pictures are ones that Grandma Hallstrom took:
Valerie, Lisa, Grandma Hallstrom, Corinne 
My cousins, Corinne and Scott
Corinne is the next in line to get married.  She's engaged to be married to Andrew this December in the Salt Lake Temple.

I had no idea that my cousin, Valerie would be at the wedding!  We're the same age but we hardly know each other. Valerie grew up in CA and I grew up in NY.  Valerie is married, has 3 kids, and lives near Lake Tahoe.  It'd be fun to meet her husband and kids someday.

My cousins, Valerie and Corinne

Scott & Grandma Hallstrom

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awwwww!!!! I love these!!!!! <3 <3