Sunday, October 21, 2012

CKMs (aka. Cute Kid Moments) - Take 1

My sister, Jenny and I are both mothers.  
We call each other a couple times every week and exchange stories 
(or what we like to call CKMs ... Cute Kid Moments).  

Katie brought her baby doll on our Mommy Daughter walk along the Logan River.  She looked SO adorable in her jean jacket and brown fall boots.  When Katie would run towards me, she let out the cutest giggles.  Imagine seeing this face running towards you, on a paved tree lined trail, fall leaves all around, her piggy tails bouncing, baby doll in hand... A.DOR.ABLE!!!  Katie's joy became my joy.

I took Brian and Katie to Mack Park to play while Tyler was at preschool.  
Brian found this spot that had two steering wheels... "one for boys and one for girls."  
How convenient!  

Katie enjoys a good bowl of applesauce.  
I guess she figured her baby would like applesauce too!

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